The Road to Medical/Dentistry schools

Medical schools around the world are amongst the most competitive programs to gain an acceptance to. You will need stellar grades combined with great standardized test scores to even be considered. Each medical school will have their own cut-offs with regards to the UCAT, BMAT, IB and A Level score that you need to meet. Scores alone, however, are not enough. Medical schools are looking to recruit aspiring doctors who demonstrate not only academic aptitude, but also the personal qualities necessary for medical professionals.

 Personal Statement

Non-academic aspects of the application, such as personal statement and interviews, are just as important in gaining an admission offer from any medical school in the world. The personal statement – an essay of 4,000 characters for the UK, around 500 word essay for Ireland & NUS, 300 word essay for NTU  – narrates your motivation for medicine as well as any academic, extracurricular, and professional experiences you had that make you a suitable and exceptional candidate for consideration.

The deadline to submit your personal statement is the same as the UCAS application deadline: October 15th!
Deadline for NUS & NTU: Mid-March
Deadline for Ireland: Throughout February


Candidates with great scores and personal statements are then shortlisted for the interview stage. Each university conducts interviews differently. Some prefer panels of admissions officers and professors, while others like MMIs (multiple mini interviews), where students rotate around different stations, each with a different question and a time limit for your answer. The questions generally test your personal motivation to study medicine at their specific university. They also care about your personal qualities such as empathy, leadership, and communication skills. Some universities ask factual, knowledge-based questions, and almost all want you to demonstrate your knowledge about current affairs in medicine and healthcare systems. Finally, interviews may test your ability to role play and analyse ethical scenarios that you may encounter as a doctor later on.

What's the general timeline for medical school applications?

If you take the UCAT (UKCAT)

Register for the UCAT (or UKCAT)

From May 1st to September 18th

Prepare for the UCAT (UKCAT)

From May to end of June

Take the UCAT (UKCAT)

From July 2nd to October 2nd

Submit your application profile

Deadline: October 15th, 6PM London Time

Interview (if accepted)

From January onwards

If you take the BMAT

Prepare for the BMAT

Depends on your schedule

Register for the BMAT

From September 1st to September 30th

Take the BMAT

October 30th (might change depending on the year)

Submit your application profile

Deadline: October 15th, 6PM London Time

Interview (if accepted)

From January onwards

What's included in an application profile?

Academic Requirements

  • GCSE: to include Math and English
  • A Levels: A*, A*, A
  • IB: 36-40+ | 7-6 in HLs
  • Chemistry and other sciences

Application Materials

  • Personal Statement: 4000 characters
  • Interview: MMI, Panel, Skype
  • Teacher Recommendations

Additional Materials

  • Volunteering
  • Job Shadowing
  • Extracurriculars

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